Yearbook offers senior quotes

A new feature has been added to the yearbook that many seniors are excited about: senior quotes. Seniors can place a quote beneath their individual portrait in the yearbook.

Ashley Spencer, yearbook adviser, loves reading the submissions and thinks students will enjoy seeing them in the yearbook.

“Seniors kept asking for the opportunity, so we decided to give it a try,” Spencer said. “So far there has been a mix of funny and serious quotes.”

Each quote can have a maximum of 140 characters — that’s the same length as a tweet. Senior quotes must be school appropriate or they will not be in the yearbook and money will not be refunded.

Many seniors are glad for the opportunity, but are unsure of what they want to choose for their senior quote.

“I think it’s cool that they are giving us this opportunity, especially since we have so many students,” senior Miranda Shaw said.

Putting a senior quote in the yearbook provides seniors with a chance to be remembered by their peers in a meaningful way. Students can look back at senior quotes and realize things about fellow students that portraits can’t reveal.

“I’m still deciding, but I know my senior quote is going to be inspirational and about adventure,” Yearbook Editor and senior Elisabeth Beemer said. “I’m making a senior quote because I think it’s a great way to be represented, and people can see what you were like when looking back.”

Senior quotes can be purchased for $10 in MN106. Senior quote orders are due by October 8.