Varsity cheer takes regionals

Broken Arrow Varsity Cheer recently traveled and took a victory at regionals. 

Senior Robbie Armstrong has been on the team since his junior year.

“The energy in regionals and state warmups was like no other I’d experienced before,” Armstrong said.

Most of the team is like family to each other. They all push each other and strive for their goals.

“Something that pushes me to be better is my teammates,” junior Peyton Segraves said.  “Realizing that you’re doing something for not just yourself but your teammates too, makes me want to push even harder to be better.”

The team usually had their traditions before games or competitions. It helps ease the nerves and has a soothing vibe before stepping onto the mat.

“Before games, we all eat in the tiger alley and then start warming up on the field,” junior Brooke Martin said. “For competitions, we all have team breakfast/brunch just to prepare ourselves for our big day & bond as a whole. We all get ready together and start warming up.”

After competing, the nerves have settled, making the girls feel better knowing how they did. Now, they are announcing the winners. All the girls get tense.

“The feeling of winning is such a good feeling,” Segraves said. “It’s relieving to know all of your hard work has paid off and won with the people you spend the most time with and go through hard practices with is an amazing feeling.”

Everyone is hoping for a good rest of the season and for future seasons.

“This season has been super good, but also really hard with all the hours we put into practices,” junior Karli Krisulevicz said.

The main goal for every high school team is to win a state title. 

Varsity cheer has proven themselves at regionals, you can catch them every Friday night at the football games.