Traveling leadership program comes to Broken Arrow

Breaking Down the Walls is an event held on campus to help students make connections.

Breaking Down the Walls is a traveling leadership program that helps kids make connections and build character. It’s a place for people to share their stories and give others a chance to get to know them in a way they might not have in a typical school setting.

“This is our third year for the program,” Director of Student Life and Activities, Christian Welborn said. “Breaking Down the Walls was created by Phil Boyte, a facilitator we have used for retreat and staff training,” 

Students were very excited about the event. 

“I was excited for breaking down the walls cause I was a leader,” senior Hannah Hoffman said. “We had a practice day to learn all the games so I knew what was expected.” 

Whilst he wasn’t a leader, Junior Bryson Cherry was also excited about the event. 

“I was excited because it was something I’d never done before,” Cherry said. “I thought I would push myself outside my comfort zone and try something new.”

The event had lots of games that helped kids open up and become more trusting of people they would have never even looked at otherwise. 

“Birdy fly home was a game that I found especially challenging, but in the end, it was worth it,” Cherry said. 

Different games were challenging for different people.

“Crossing the line is a game that pushes you outside your comfort zone,” Hoffman said. 

This event gave students the chance to become not only more open about themselves but also open-minded to what others around them go through. 

Junior Max McCollough said, “It really opened up my mind on other people like we’re all going through different things.” 

A student who especially enjoyed this event would also enjoy joining leadership classes. Applications for these courses are open at the end of each school year.