Tigettes compete at State


Tigettes gather on the sidelines during the half-time performances at the homecoming football game earlier in the year.

The Tigettes came home from the state competition this weekend with third place in kick and fourth in pom. They have been preparing for state since August, but had to make some changes the week before state.

“I am so proud of the hard work everybody has put in, senior Madeline Robinson said. “We made changes to make the dances more dynamic the week before state, and everybody was so cool and had a positive attitude about it.”

They danced to a variety of songs including “Legs” by RuPaul for kick and a mix of songs about rain and thunder for Pom.

“My favorite part about being a Tigette would have to be the fact that my team is basically my second family,” junior Samantha Jones said. “I am most proud of how far we have come as a team and how much positivity we spread.”

The team is close to each other due to team bonding every month doing different activities. They also brainstorm ways to help each other at practice.  They dance and cheer at football and basketball games.

“I love being involved and cheering at football and basketball games,” Jones said.

 The Tigettes placed third in pom, second in kick, and third in jazz at TSF, their first competition.

“My favorite part of being in Tigettes is the friends I have made through Tigettes. We all like the same things so it’s easy to get along with one another,” Robinson said.

The Tigette season is not over yet, as they have two competitions left.  They are competing at the River Spirit Casino on Jan. 13 and in Nationals which are held in Orlando, Florida on Feb. 17-18. 

“I love being able to spend every day with my team and hanging out with my best friends,” junior Hannah Crist said.