Tigette Meghan Brown affects her team and community in a big way


Senior captain of the Tigette team, Meghan Brown is involved with more organizations than just her team. She enjoys volunteering in leadership and in her community.

“I started Tigettes in the 8th grade because I love how spirited Tigettes can be and I love to dance,” Brown said.

The Tigettes head coach, Meag Warren has seen a lot of improvement in Meghan’s character. She has seen Brown positively affect the team as well as people in the school through her leadership capabilities. Teammates, like co-captain Hannah Crist, have also seen the same in Megan’s character.

“Meghan has affected the team as whole because she brings positivity, leadership, and spunk to the team,” Warren said.

Crist and Brown have been dancing together for several years. They have been involved in each other’s lives not only through their sport but in their social lives as well.

“I personally have seen Meghan improve her dance skills and leadership skills through her dedication and passion for our school, and she shows it through her actions and how she treats people”, Crist said.

Since Meghan serves as the team captain, she has to lead the team day in and day out. She enjoys expressing herself through dancing and wants to help her teammates do the same.

“Meghan positively affected the team as a whole because she has grown into an amazing leader, and she is incredibly mature and responsible for her age,” Warren said.

The Tigette team dances throughout sporting events and in competitions. For their competitions, they get to pick what genre of dance they want to perform.

“My favorite dance to perform is hip-hop because I love the fast movements and the music we get to do,” Brown said.

Meghan hopes to continue her career at the University of Tulsa. She plans to double major in chemical and petroleum engineering and hopes to be on the TU pom squad.