Tiger Mystique dominates the stage


Tiger Mystique Show Choir has been in existence for five years. The award-winning women’s ensemble has continuously dominated the stage around the nation.

Senior Reagan Adams has been a part of Mystique since her sophomore year. She has committed her time and personal life to improving in show choir. 

“I decided to join show choir so that I could express myself,” said Adams. “ You gain so many fun memories by the end of the season. I also feel confident in myself and the team because we go up against some of the hardest groups in the nation but I know our hard work will always eventually pay off.”

Senior Jordanne Benn has also been a member of Tiger Mystique since her junior year which is approximately two years. Benn has always had a passion for show choir. She has been apart of show choir since the seventh grade.

“I wanted to be apart of a group that actually cared about choir and would work hard,” said Benn. “This year I was honored to be announced as the soloist for our second number called ‘No Roots’. I was shocked and didn’t believe that I actually got it. I was extremely excited, but nervous to first perform it.”

Senior Olivia Watkins also has a solo in their show. Even though Watkins is a senior, this is her first and final year within the group. Watkins also has participated in things like the vocal jazz ensemble at Broken Arrow High School. It may only be her second year singing in a choir but she’s been singing for more than five years.

“I decided to join show choir because I wanted to challenge myself and my voice to reach new limits,” said Watkins. “I feel as if I formed a big family that always has your back no matter what. Though this may be my first and final year in Mystique, I was announced to be the soloists in ‘Wind in my Hair’, which I am entirely grateful for. This experience has been amazing.”

Tiger Mystique practices every day after school for an hour. This woman’s ensemble travels the nation to compete against the hardest women’s show choir’s around the nation.

Tiger Mystique will perform on March 2 in their Show Choir Spectacular at the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, and the event is open to the public.