Tiger Challenge offers leadership opportunities on campus


Mary Fowler is the Tiger Challenge teacher. She loves to teach the leadership club because she would like her kids to be in a good environment, teach the students that leadership doesn’t have to be loud, everyone can bring different skills, you can work behind the scenes, and make a gesture at a time.

“I enjoy leading Tiger Challenge because I love to watch teenagers show kindness,” Fowler said. “Teenagers are often looked upon in a negative way. I love it when I see the great kids we have on campus.” 

Senior Emory Payton enjoys making signs for Leadership.

“I wanted to help kids out and try to make BA community better,” Payton said.

Senior Wynter Wheeler enjoys helping out fifth graders and making posters.

“This is honestly the most supportive and understanding class I’ve ever been in,” Wheeler said.

Senior Rylee Humphrey wanted to join Leadership because of the connection she had with Mrs. Fowler. Her favorite part about the class is mentoring elementary students.

“We communicate daily over all sorts of things, new ideas for the school to what we’re grateful for that day,” Humphrey said.

Junior Karla Cortez Enjoys going to Timber-ridge every friday and helping out the kids. She stays after school at Timber-ridge every Friday till 4 p.m. so she’s able to help more kids.

“We support each other, work, and have fun every day,” Cortez said.

Senior David Nelson also enjoys going to Timber-ridge on Fridays to help kids with school work or problem the kids need help with.

“Tiger Challenge Leadership is probably the safest environment on school campus, it includes a sweet and understanding teacher with outgoing students who are there when you need them,” Nelson said.

Junior Kelena Xiong enjoys making posters to support the sports/athletics and other activities around Broken Arrow High School.

“For Junior year, I want to be involved but also have time for my classes. I found Tiger Challenge as a perfect way to accomplish this goal,” Xiong said.

Senior Elijah Peterson enjoys group activities as well as mentoring kids, he likes how it is a safe and supportive environment.

“I wanted to help out the school,” Peterson said.

Junior Luke Funk enjoys talking to new people and helping them out.

“The class environment is lovely, and I love the teacher and students there,” Luke said.

You can join this class by enrolling in Tiger Leadership. Students must visit with Mrs. Fowler first.