Tiger Care Closet helps students in need


The Tiger Care Closet is an organization that helps students who may be in need. Physical education teacher Mary Fowler is the sponsor of this organization and makes sure students are able to attend dances by providing dresses for these events. In addition to helping students attend dances, the supplies given from the Tiger Care Closet also include toiletries, feminine products, coats, jackets, sheets, and towels.

This organization started on the first cold day of school last year when a student did not have a coat. Teachers emailed each other at the school asking if anyone had a coat to donate for this student. The next day the student had a coat to keep, and since then, the staff decided to keep necessities on site for students.

“Our goal is to help out students who struggle financially,” Fowler said. “Maybe these students don’t live at home, or maybe there just isn’t enough money to go around. We don’t consider this charity, it’s just people helping people. Someday maybe those who are assisted will be able to ‘pay it forward’ and help someone else.”

Business owners, PTSA, administrators, staff, parents, students, and teachers have donated to this organization. Digital learning specialist, Jeremy Bryan, has already donated a number of coats and warm clothes that his kids have outgrown or that he has worn in the past.

“Life is hard enough when a family is in financial need,” Bryan said. “The way I was taught growing up is to be as kind and generous as possible to those in need. When you see another in your own community who needs a basic item like clothes, school supplies, or food, by helping them you not only impact that person, you also impact the community as a whole in a positive way. It’s rewarding, and in a way it gives you an idea of how lucky you are and an appreciation for what you have.”

Anyone is able to donate items to this organization. Teachers are excited to offer this to students.

“This program offers an opportunity for us to help directly in our community,” English teacher Marla Watts said. “If others donate it would help create a wide variety of options and it would add to the compassion and caring at BAHS.”

To donate items to this organization, email Mary Fowler at mdfowler@baschools.org.