The story behind the art bandit

Since kindergarten, senior Sarah Patriquin has been drawing and expressing herself through her art. She realized she wanted to be an artist when she sketched a drawing of Pocahontas, but couldn’t finish the face.

“I couldn’t finish the face and asked someone else, but they did something I didn’t like to the face. I threw a crayon at them and when I was so concerned about the picture, I realized I liked art a lot,” Patriquin said.

Patriquin started drawing on the white boards around school when she was waiting for her sister to get out of choir practice. Since then she has been sneaking into teacher’s classrooms just to draw on their boards, sometimes without the knowledge of the teacher.

“I like all my art. My favorite might be the one I did in the detention room a bit ago,” Patriquin said.

Patriquin was in the Art Club her junior year with teacher Jennifer Deal. She is also enrolled in Art 2D and 3D.

“Sarah is amazingly creative. It is fun to watch her take an assignment that I give her and see what she will do with it. She frequently takes it in a direction I would have never considered,” art teacher, Jennifer Deal said.

Deal believes that no matter where Patriquin’s future takes her, she will go far. Sociology teacher, Rob Sims thinks that Patriquin’s art tells a story and in the future she will be an art storyteller.

“I love how she is able to tell a story with her pictures,” Sims said.

In class, Patriquin used to draw profiles of the other students in the class on the board.

In the future, Patriquin plans to be an artist, as long as she is doing what she loves. She doesn’t care about the money-she only cares about the art. She would be happy doing anything that allows her to draw and express herself.