The Pulse: Season 2, Episode 2


Seniors Tanner Cates and Jacob Hanna chat at the news desk.

The Pulse is back with the second episode of the 2015-16 school year and we’ve got a super-sized 30 minute show for you! We’ve got highlights from the recent leadership retreat, stories that take you inside the class and the return of “Eddie Does Stuff.” Here is the run down of the episode!

  • Family Matters Intro: 0:00-0:54
  • BAHS Leadership Retreat highlight video: 1:28-5:36
  • Inside The Class with Coach Hyde: 5:50-8:35
  • Student Spotlight: Dani Perez: 8:43-12:54
  • Show Choir Spotlight: 13:04-16:41
  • Monthly Rewind: 16:49-18:37
  • Doc Film Showcase: 18:49-20:45
  • Teachers of the Month and Teacher of the Year announcement: 20:48-23:30
  • Eddie Does Stuff: 23:38-29:50