Tap into your creative side by joining the Pen To Paper club

The Pen to Paper Club is a creative writing club. It is sponsored by teacher Jes McCutchen and teacher Brian Keathley. Each week the members of the club get together and create a writing prompt and then read what they wrote.

“It’s a very creative group of students,” McCutchen said. “It’s a chance to tap into my creative side.”

Senior Natalie Dankert, one of the members of the Pen to Paper club, chose this club because she enjoys being in a creative place to write interesting things. She has also gathered a very close group of friends. From this experience she hopes to be a better leader and writer, and she hopes she will one day be able to read her poetry at poetry slams.

“It is so much fun,” Dankert said. “We write about so many interesting prompts and do really fun activities.”

Senior Aubree Bowman enjoys this club because of the prompts they create. They also write stories and poems based off of these writing prompts. She hopes one day to achieve a better view of writing.

“I joined Pen to Paper Club to be a part of a group of the friendliest people you will ever meet,” Bowman said.

If you want to join this group, talk to Ms. McCutchen in room B166.