Super Smash Class

Roweena Johnson
Lane Rutherford smashes away on the game controller with fellow member.

Most people enjoy playing video games at home. A collective group of students at BAHS, however, brighten their school day by bringing the video games to school. They proudly call themselves the Super Smash Class. This fairly recent organized group started playing video games around April of last year and is continuing to smash away at their game controllers during their free time at school.

“It’s chaotic to say the least,” one of the founding members, junior Evan Finley, said. “We set everything up, and then people just start playing. It’s an honor system; if you’ve been on too long, let someone switch in.”

Outsiders may see this activity as either hilarious or a great innovation. Video games at school? Such thing is not common in other high schools. The members of the Super Smash Class, however, see it as a great opportunity to making the school day a little better. When they first heard about this activity, their reactions were ecstatic.

“I thought it looked awesome,” senior Alex Stroud said.

Video games are seen as an outlet from all the stress that school can bring to students. Members of the group feel that playing helps them relax and enjoy themselves at school, as well as helping them improve as they play.

Super Smash Brothers is the only game that they play currently, hence the name of the group. Some of the members are even involved in competitive Super Smash Brothers tournaments that have ran for 14 years. Even though they only play one game, the members seem to not mind.

“…Seeing as Smash Brothers is one of my favorite game series of all time, I was pretty excited about the group,” Finley said.

Now, how are they able to play video games at school? Do they just bring their own TVs and game systems to school? Correct. Although it may sound taboo, students actually do bring their own equipment in order to play their game. Trudging among the crowds of thousands of students, roaming around with a TV in your hand sounds like a hassle, so the members who do bring them leave them in the place they are playing their game that day.

“I always hear people say ‘Hey look, that guy is bringing a TV to school,'” junior Samuel Griffin, one of the TV suppliers said.

There are hopes and dreams for the future of this club. Many of the members hope that the club continues to run in the future and that they might gain new members along the way.

“I hope that more people hear about the game and give it a try, because the Smash scene is an amazing thing for people who enjoy these kind of things,” Stroud said.

The Super Smash class can be found in either Building A or in the Student Union in the morning or during lunch.