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Junior Easton Moore, and seniors Jada Holliday and Haley Mills perform during Fields of Faith.

Photo by Gracelyn Basinger

Junior Easton Moore, and seniors Jada Holliday and Haley Mills perform during Fields of Faith.

Student’s worship at school

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club that helps students connect with their religious beliefs outside of church. FCA varies in member size between fifteen and thirty people. The sponsor of the club is teacher and coach Tiffany Jones.

“I have been involved with FCA for over 20 years and Broken Arrow High School has had an active huddle for the past four years,” Jones said. “I love spending time with student-athletes and investing in their lives. Watching them grow and mature and serve others is an amazing opportunity.”

The group meets on the second and fourth Friday of every month in the aux gym. Donuts are provided at the meetings and time is provided to socialize before the devotion begins. Sometimes songs are sung by the students, such as senior Haley Mills.

“Being able to get together with people who believe in the same religion as me is my favorite part of FCA,” junior Jaxon Murray said.

Students of any grade is welcome to become a member of FCA. It is recommended by upperclassmen to join the club.

“I like that we get a good Christian start to our day,” senior Maya West said. “I’d recommend joining FCA because it is an easy way to stay connected to your faith while at school.”

Activities that the clubs participate in include Fields of Faith. The event gives the students time to give devotion and say prayer. Ice breaker games are also played to get the students comfortable with each other.

“I love being able to take time out of my day and worship other Christians at school,” senior Lorance Washington said. “The Bible says when there are two or more in His name, He is there as well.”

Another activity is the nationally recognized event See You at the Pole. This event is held on the last Wednesday of September each year. This year it was held on Sept. 28, 2016. Students gather around the flagpole in the front of the school and worship.

Any student’s thinking of joining FCA can contact Coach Jones in room D266 or attend a meeting on Friday’s.

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