Students say “Aloha” to the new school year

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One of the more exciting traditions at Broken Arrow high school is the annual Aloha Bash. Taking place only a couple weeks after the school year begins, Aloha Bash offers a lively (and dirty) setting for all BA students to hang out and let loose. After an unfortunate string of rainy days cancelled last year’s Aloha Bash, students felt this year’s edition came back better than ever on Aug. 28. Co-Director of Student Activities, Jason Jedamski, was excited that Aloha Bash made its return this year.

“It was great that we were able to hold Aloha this year especially after trying to hold it two separate times last year and the weather not cooperating,” Jedamski said.

This year’s Aloha Bash included a variety of activities and stations that kept the energy up for all three hours. The centerpiece and focal point of the event was the infamous mud pit, where most students came out looking slightly less recognizable. Two hosing-off stations were located at the slip-n-slides just beside the mud pit, and two more were located by the dunk tank, and the dunk tank itself allowed one lucky person to get an instant clean-off. A short walk towards the south side of the field brought students to a 9-square game and knockerballs, which were both big hits, especially when the sun started to go down and things got a little bit colder. Senior Jase Murray managed to involve himself in all the activities Aloha Bash offered.

“My favorite part was probably the slip-n-slides,” Murray said. “There was definitely a lot to do.”

Aloha Bash separates itself from other school events because there is little preparation needed for the students to participate. Where at school dances or banquets students spend a lot of time to get ready, Aloha Bash allows students to come in their worst clothes and still have a great time. Not to mention, every out-of-school activity gives students the opportunity to experience student life in a way that a normal school day cannot offer. Senior Garret Harger plans to go to every event possible to maximize his senior year experience.

“Out-of-school activities are what make high school memorable,” Harger said. “They are the outlet that gives them this love for BA because they not only have classes here, but there is a community outside of the classroom that’s super fun.”

Aloha Bash was only the first opportunity for students to engage themselves in the 2017-18 school year, and there will be plenty more opportunities to come.


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