Students remember friend, Travor Brown


"If anyone's interested, I've got some free love to give."

Four thousand students at this school and the hallways still sound incurably empty without the quiet strum of a ukulele coming from the direction of a tall blonde boy with a heart of gold and a smile that was contagious. After a tragic accident this summer, the high school campus started the school year with a little less joy this fall due to the loss of an irreplaceable friend.

Travor Brown had a tremendous ability to impact lives and touched just about every student that attended BAHS, whether you were a close friend, an acquaintance, or simply just a passerby in the hallways.

“Travor has impacted my life greatly and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for our close friendship,” senior Jacob Howard said. “Travor has taught me how to be my own person and to express it, to not care what others think of you.”

Brown was very involved in the drama department. He was also a talented musician, often bringing a guitar or ukulele to school and playing in the hallways or in his truck. He wrote songs and wanted to travel around the country bringing his music to other people and sharing his passion.

“Travor was truly kind; it sounds simple, but it may be a rarer trait than people think,” drama teacher Jana Ellis said. “He taught me about freedom, freedom of self doubt and inhibition.”

Brown’s impact can be seen all over the school with tattoos on the wrists of his friends, parking spots painted in his honor, a Hawaiian shirt hanging in the newspaper room and some of his friends growing out their hair like he did.

The tattoos worn by Howard, senior Noah Osborne, and BAHS graduate Noah Bagley feature an 11:42, the time Brown passed away, along with a cross. The parking spot that belongs to senior Miller Godwin was painted by him and fellow senior Becca Wheeler, and features a quote from Brown’s Twitter, “now howl at the moon like a man.” Another set of parking spots belong to Osborne and Howard, and they feature a joint 11:42 and a cross in Brown’s honor.

“I picked my favorite quote from Travor’s Twitter for my parking spot because he’s such a huge part of Becca and I’s lives,” Godwin said.

Brown was also front and center at almost every school event. He loved to have fun and in turn, everyone around him had fun too. Brown talked to anyone and everyone and it didn’t matter how well you knew him, he made everyone feel as if they were his best friend.

“Travor taught me how to love; he taught me that everyone deserves to be treated fairly,” Osborne said. “I want other people to remember the legacy he left and the positive attitude he always had. I want them to remember how he loved everyone regardless of who they were.”

Osborne set up a candlelight memorial the night before school started to honor Brown and let everyone start the new year in remembrance of their friend.

Brown’s legacy continues to shine and he will forever be remembered by his famous quote, “If anyone’s interested, I’ve got some free love to give.”