Student section chooses themes for football games

Students throw corn starch during the neon-themed game against Mansfield Aug. 31.

The Jungle Squad, leaders of the Jungle student section, have worked together to plan themed nights for each of the football games to help get the student body involved. 

“I am most looking forward to the Halloween game, because it is my favorite holiday and seeing everyone in their costumes is awesome,” senior Jungle Squad member Jonahs Habeck said.

In the Jungle, the Jungle Squad leads chants to get everyone excited as well as the team. Sometimes there is a DJ that plays music to set the tone.

“My favorite part of being in the Jungle Squad is feeling the vibe of the Jungle,” senior Sebastian Haldeman said. “There is so much positivity, love, and community.”

The Jungle is a place for high schoolers to get crazy and cheer for the football team.

“My favorite part of being in the Jungle is getting to cheer for the team without being judged because everyone else is doing it too,” senior Hailey Livinston said. “You get to be crazy and dress up which is my favorite part of the football games.”


Aug. 24 BA vs. Union – Jungle Tank Home

Aug. 31  BA vs. Mansfield Texas – Neon Night Home

Sept. 7 BA vs. Owasso – Hawaiian Night Away

Sept 21 BA vs. Jenks – Pink Out Night Home

Sept 28 BA vs. Norman – Tye dye Away

Oct. 5 BA vs. Westmoore – Halloween Night Home

Oct. 12 BA vs. Edmond Santa Fe – Jersey Night Away

Oct. 18 BA vs. Yukon – Student Selected Night Away – Follow the student section @BAStudentSec to place your vote!

Oct. 25 BA vs. Edmond Memorial – Student Selected Night Away – Follow the student section @BAStudentSec to place your vote!

Nov. 1 BA vs. Enid – Christmas Night Home