Stripes and Spotlights: Jillian Ross


Not many know who is under the mask of the tiger mascot. It takes a lot for junior Jillian Ross to get up in front of everyone and perform, with little to no recognition.

“I wanted to be the mascot because I’m a very spirited person and I love getting to do things that get people excited,” Ross said.

Broken Arrow is renowned for its student section and their high levels of school spirit. Ross in her costume is just another conduit for that electricity.

“She brings extra energy to each game,” leadership teacher Victoria McGee said. “She is super outgoing, always willing to lift other’s spirits, and she’s naturally funny.”

Ross has been mascot since she was attending the Broken Arrow Freshman Academy. However, it is an entirely different experience jumping around during the varsity games.

“One time I was playing around with some kids and they were laughing and having a good time so I loved it,” Ross said.

Being mascot is all about expressing fun and joy and genuinely enjoying the job. 

“We usually hand-select these students,” leadership teacher Christian Welborn said. “Jillian expressed an interest in being the mascot during her sophomore year, and after getting to know her, we knew she’d be the perfect fit. She is enthusiastic and loves Broken Arrow.”

Passion is what makes a job fun. Thankfully, Ross is filled with it and uses her love for the entertainment of the school.

“I definitely love my job,” Ross said.

Jillian will be can be seen next performing as the mascot at upcoming home basketball games.