The Pulse

2017-2018 Staff

Annika Bush

Pulse Staff

Annika is a very weird and outgoing person. She is in the tenth grade and has gone to BA since seventh...

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Madi Foster

Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

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James Taylor

Pulse Staff

James Taylor is a senior. James is known for his gigantic eyes.

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Chris Haase

Pulse Staff

Chris Haase is a junior. This is his first year in the Pulse class. He also enjoys to watch movies. Follow...

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Madyson Cameron

Pulse Staff

Madyson Cameron is a sophomore is in color guard. She spends her free time sleeping and eating sushi....

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Malie Kristensen

Pulse Staff

Malie Kristensen is a Danish exchange student, who will be attending BAHS as a junior for a year. This...

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Hunter Grim

Pulse Staff

A family man, Hunter often dabbles in creative writing and experiments with all sorts of new techniques...

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Abby Meador

Pulse Staff

Abby is a senior and has been attending Broken Arrow since kindergarten. She is captain of the high school...

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Trevor Phillips

Pulse Staff

Trevor Phillips is a senior at Broken Arrow High School and has been in the district since kindergarten....

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Bernie Duran

Pulse Staff

Bernie is a senior in Tiger Rhythm show choir and loves long romantic walks on the beach.

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Gabe Cooper

Pulse Staff

Gabriel Cooper is a sophomore who has lived in Broken Arrow for 5 years. Gabe is an aspiring filmmaker...

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Payton Shreve

Pulse Staff

Payton Shreve is a junior. This is her first year in the Pulse class. She has taken two years of American...

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Drew Watzke

Pulse Staff

Now enrolled in the prestigious twelfth grade, Drew Watzke has one year to leave his mark before surrendering...

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Sam Hughes

Pulse Staff

Sami is a weird tenth grader at Broken Arrow High School. She has been at BA since kindergarten and likes...

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Mason Mitchell

Pulse Staff

Mason Mitchell is a world renowned fishing prodigy. Born in the Oklahoma area, the exact date of his...

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Matthew Westfall

Pulse Staff

Matthew is a senior that has attended in Broken Arrow Public Schools of all of his life. He enjoys playing...

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Hunter England

Pulse Staff

Hunter England is in the eleventh grade. He's been in Broken Arrow for 4 years. Hunter enjoys cooking,...

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Johnny Dang

Pulse Staff

Johnny Dang is beginning his senior year at Broken Arrow High School. His hobbies include hanging out...

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Andrea Kitchens

Pulse Staff

Born February 7, 2000, Andrea has attended Broken Arrow since early development, always a BATID. She...

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Melanie Ambrose

Pulse Staff

Melanie is a senior in high school and has gone to BA since pre-k. She is very active in theatre arts....

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Brianna McGhee

Pulse Staff

Brianna McGhee is a senior and has been at BA schools her whole life. She is a theater and film student...

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Ian Robison

Pulse Staff

Ian Robison is a senior at Broken Arrow High school, and he has been in Broken Arrow all of his life....

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Danielle Rasmussen

Pulse Staff

Danielle Rasmussen is a junior at the High School. She has been in BA for 16 years, attended Wolf Creek...

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Bridget Baber

Pulse Staff

Bridget Baber is an junior here at BAHS! She's lived in BA her whole life. She enjoys dogs and photography,...

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Rylee Mellon

Pulse Staff

Rylee Mellon is in eleventh grade, and she has been in Broken Arrow for two years. She enjoys photography...

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Camryn Blackmon

Pulse Staff

Camryn Blackmon is a senior at BAHS. She enjoys participating in the school's drama department, watching...

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Anissa Chavez

Pulse Staff

Anissa is a senior and has been at BA all her life. She is interested in watching scary movies, going...

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