Springfest: The Woodstock of BA


Madi Foster

Junior Haven Reynolds takes the stage at the annual Springfest event, an event made to showcase the art and musical talents on campus.

 For the last two years, Broken Arrow Student Council has hosted a student music and arts festival that is known as Springfest. At Springfest, there are students who auditioned to perform on stage and other students who will be displayed and selling their art. In previous years this ranges from photography to slime, soap, drawings, and paintings. The possibilities are endless. This festival will be Sat. April 6 from 2-5 p.m. in the evening at the Broken Arrow Indoor Facility.

   Springfest will be filled so many fun and exciting activities. There will be live music done by other students and staff who have worked hard and auditioned to perform. There will also be students displaying and selling their art. There will be various activities such as bracelet making and things for students to buy, so students should bring extra cash.

At Springfest, there will be other things for sale other than just students art, including Springfest shirts. Their shirts will be a green color with a hand-drawn logo by junior, Morgan Hubbard, and on the back have the names of all the students and bands that will be live performing at Springfest. These shirts will be sold for ten dollars. There will also be Kona Ice snow cones, snacks, and water for sale.

   Senior Ethan Haldeman is one of the senior officers for Student Council. He does The Jungle’s social media and is also the head of the Springfest committee. He and his committee have been working hard since December of last year to plan it and work the details. Haldeman has been working on Springfest since its first year.

“At Springfest, I’m most excited to get to do sound and DJ for the third year in a row,” Haldeman said.

   One of the biggest events will be the live music done by the student and staff performers. One of the many accepted applicants, Erik Loyd, has been singing since seventh grade. He and his friend Chloe Forrester will be performing the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons.

“I felt very nervous during auditions, the first reason being that I’ve never performed in front of anyone, the second being that my original partner bailed on me,” Loyd said. “Chloe and I put our audition together in thirty minutes.”

This will be the third year for Springfest. Every year Student Council and the Director of Student Activities, Christian Welborn, have to change small details to make the event prosper.

“This year, the festival will take place in the afternoon, much like other festivals.” Welborn said “We are hoping for nice weather, so students, staff, and their families can come and enjoy all the entertainment and activities”

For those who are interested in this event, tickets will be sold for $10. Students and staff are more than welcome and encouraged to bring their friends and families without having to fill out a guest form.