Sleep in or State Testing: What are you doing on April 9th?

Sleep in or State Testing: What are you doing on April 9th?

This year on April 9 the Broken Arrow High School will be providing the SAT to its junior class. These students will be required to take the test and receive an award for taking it, if not though they will suffer the consequences their senior year.

For the Sophomore and Senior class, this day will be a virtual day. They will get to stay home and complete at home assignments assigned by their teachers. They will have all day to complete the assignments.

Like previous virtual days, they will have to login in by 10 am to check in the attendance form. All assignments are required to look by midnight and can be open earliest at midnight the day of.

Senior Polina Ignatenkova took the SAT last year. Ignatenkova wasn’t nervous but definitely has advice for overcoming anxiety during the test.

“Taking a breath and realizing that you won’t die if you don’t score the highest you possibly can is the best way to overcome anxiety in my experience,” Ignatenkova says.

For those Juniors taking the SAT, they will have to be here at 7:30 am for check-in. They will receive a classroom number that they will be taking the test in. Juniors need to remember their approved calculators, a snack for the break and a water bottle. The most important thing to remember their student ID.

Senior and National Merit Finalist, Mason Simmons, did exceptional on not only the PSAT but also on the SAT. He won’t have to worry about paying for college and can lift that weight off his shoulders. He believes that stressing about tests is the worst thing someone can do.

“Don’t Stress!” Simmons says to Juniors, “Personally I know I do better on tests when I don’t think about them. You study what you can, but when test day hits, don’t think too hard about it”

Another important thing for juniors is to remember to get sleep the night before. A good night’s sleep will get you through the test, and remember to also eat a nutritious breakfast to get them through the day. Juniors will get a snack break but won’t get to eat another meal until after the test around 1 p.m.

Junior, James Williams isn’t nervous for the SAT. He has studied hard every day after school. His teachers have also prepared him in class.

“I feel super prepared for the SAT,” Williams says, “and I am going to kick this test into the ground”

Williams like other Juniors feel confident for the SAT, but for those who aren’t and plan to skip the test, need to think twice. For those who skip the SAT or don’t show effort will have their off-campus privileges revoked for their senior year.

Those who show up to the SAT and other state tests will get to select one final to be exempt from. The only condition for this exemption is that you are passing the class.

For more information on the Virtual Day or SAT, you can visit the Broken Arrow High School page or call the office for any questions, comments, or concerns.