“Should I go to college?”

Should I go to college?

Now is the time when seniors begin to question whether or not college is an option. The biggest question is, “Should I go to college?”

The answer is yes, attend college. Having a college education can provide so many benefits, that would be otherwise unavailable, such as an easier time finding a job in a specific career and financial stability.

“Overall, I firmly believe that a college education benefits a person,” AP English teacher Lesa Dickson said. “No one can ever have too much education.”

First off, college is the first step to finding a job. In today’s age it is extremely difficult to find a job without having some secondary education. From an employer’s perspective, a person with a bachelor’s degree will more than likely get the job over someone with a high school diploma. Overall, college provides an easier path to finding a stable job.

“College is important to me because I know that I want to work in the medical field and in order to make that happen I have to be educated,” junior Gracelyn Basinger said.

College can also provide one with knowledge in other subjects other than a specific career choice. College goes beyond the lines of a course. It expands on ideas and provides more knowledge.

“College teaches you not only the contents of a course but also how to learn and understand different perspectives,” senior Caleb Russell said.

Another benefit of college is financial stability. Most jobs that one can obtain without a college education are not stable, meaning you don’t have a fixed income. College education opens up the opportunity to find jobs with fixed incomes and financial stability.

Yes, one doesn’t need a college education to survive in the world, but applying for and attending college makes obtaining jobs and getting a fixed income more realistic.