Seniors roll back time at senior skate night

Seniors enjoy Halloween-themed skate night.

On Monday Oct. 23 the Broken Arrow senior board hosted the annual senior skate night. The Halloween themed event took place from 6-8 pm at Broken Arrow Roller Sports.

“It was Halloween themed so students got to dress up and go skating for the night,” senior board member Namera Newaz said. “Just like how we used to in middle school.”

The skating rink was and still is a popular spot on Friday nights for middle schoolers, but it has been years since middle school and many seniors showed up to relive their middle school memories before they roll into the next chapter of life.

“My favorite part about senior skate night was going back to a place where we all used to hang out in 6th and 7th grade and reminisce those memories with some of the same friends I used to go with in middle school,” McKee said.

Senior jungle squad member Cole Gillean and the rest of the jungle squad had a fun time at the event getting one last lap around the rink in like they used to.

“It was fun to skate with my boys,” Gillean said. “We got to just hang out all night and skate to relive old memories.”

The hosts of the event, senior board, is encouraging everyone to go to all of the senior events and have the most fun possible with their senior year.

“Seniors should go to all of the senior events because I feel like they need to get as involved as they can before we graduate,” Newaz said. “We won’t get this chance again so we should make the most out of it this year.”

If you didn’t attend senior skate night, be sure not to let any more of the many senior events planned for this year skate by.