Senioritis: Annual plague hits upperclassmen


Ashley Spencer

Senior Elisabeth Beemer is among the many upperclassmen who are finding themselves struggling to focus.

Nearing the end of first semester and with graduation only five months away, seniors of BAHS feel they have more on their plates than ever. From college applications to getting ready for prom, there is substantially more for seniors to concern themselves with.

“Being a senior drives me to participate in everything I can because I know high school is coming to a close,” senior Tyler Rivera said.

Taking the ACT, ordering caps and gowns and filling out college applications weighs down on seniors when it is combined with taking senior pictures, preparing for prom and attending every sporting event.

“Staying motivated is probably the most challenging thing,” senior Courtney Rasmussen said. “As a senior, you’re so close to being done that you just want to enjoy the year.”

With graduation and the rest of their lives just around the corner, some seniors have so much on their minds that they find it difficult to keep their grades up and stay focused on schoolwork.

“Making college decisions and potentially mapping out the rest of our lives within the next few years is incredibly stressful,” senior Tanner Cates said.

Regardless of whether or not they are going to college, seniors still have adulthood and their future plans drawing closer and closer everyday. This school year is the last one before seniors embark on the rest of their lives, and the stress that comes along with it shows that they aren’t taking this lightly.

“Senior year is stressful, but it’s up to you to make it the best it can be,” senior Maddison Sype said.