Senior Quintevin Cherry dominates the field


Nikolas Harris

Quintevin Cherry cheers on his teammates during the game.

Senior Quintevin “Q” Cherry has recently joined the Broken Arrow varsity football team. Since his arrival, Cherry has shown nothing but gratitude and commitment to his team and the game.

“I met Q when he had first transferred over,” senior Arron Stokes said. “He gives our team a great spark and he shows that he is not scared to do whatever it takes to help the team on and off the field. Q always has a smile on his face and challenges our quarterbacks on a daily basis during practice. He’s a good mentor to the underclassmen quarterbacks.”

Every day after school, Cherry devotes his free time towards preparing for that week’s upcoming game. He commits at least ten hours a week to be a better teammate.

“We practice every day and our coaches push us to be better daily,” Cherry said. “They’re constantly pushing us to always think and be ahead of the opposing teams. So far we’re 8-0 and I feel nothing but pure happiness.”

Both Cherry and Stokes have recently been welcomed into the Broken Arrow football family. Though they are new, nothing has stopped them from committing their time to being the best they can.

“He has improved a lot,” KeJuan Tolbert said. “He wants our teammates to be better than him. He makes everything fun and makes sure everyone works harder than before. I want Quintevin to learn from this experience that he can be one of the best on the team, and he currently is. I’ve only known him for approximately 5 months but I know that he a love and fire under him for the game.”

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound quarterback has bulldozed his way through multiple defensive plays and victoriously came on top. Cherry, currently undecided on where he will attend college, is an asset to the Broken Arrow football team.