“Secret in their Eyes” doesn’t have enough secrets

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“Secret in their Eyes” is a 2010 Argentina movie that has been remade and is directed by Billy Ray. Categorized as a thriller/mystery, it stars Julia Roberts, who is best known for her role in Pretty Woman. Her role in this thriller is Jess, an investigator. Alongside Roberts is Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ray. His most recent movie is “The Martian.” Nicole Kidman also stars in this exciting movie as Claire. Other actors/actresses that make an appearance are Dean Norris (Bumpy), Michael Kelly (Siefert), and Joe Cole (Marzin).

Thirteen years after Jess’ daughter is murdered, one of her colleagues randomly appears back at the office after living in Philadelphia. Saying he has found something that could change everything that deals with the murder, he pleads Claire to reopen the case. The head of the FBI said that instead of focusing on a murder case from thirteen years before, they should be focusing on the terrorists to prevent another 9/11 occurrence. Ray goes out of his way to solve this case. Following the lead that he has found, Ray tracks down whom he believes is Marzin. All the while, Jess has a hidden secret that she doesn’t tell, that is until “Marzin” is captured.

The tone for this film is set with the opening scene, bringing close attention right away. The way the music builds adds suspense throughout the film. The costumes were well displayed as well as the emotions. Jess is portrayed as disgruntled and beat up. Roberts gets into character very well. Looking like a drug addict, you can tell she is grieving the loss of her daughter still. It was like she hadn’t slept in days.

This film could have been done a lot better. There was not that much action for a mystery or thriller. It keeps you on your toes with wondering why Jess is acting the way she is. It is a great plot. Suspense is built greatly at times, but there could have been a lot more action to help further the suspense. It was all just very simple.

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