Samantha Hough: The girl behind the mascot


Madi Foster

As the mascot, senior Samantha Hough participates in the annual Homecoming Parade.

A mascot’s job is to create a fun and interactive environment for the audience. Senior Samantha Hough became the mascot at the beginning of her senior year to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

“My mom was the Broken Arrow mascot when she was in high school, and it was a way for us to connect,” Hough said. “She would tell me how she would do flips and cartwheels in the original suit and how much fun she had.”

Hough participated in many events as the mascot, such as sports games, pep rallies and other events like the Special Olympics sendoff.

“My favorite event has been the state football game,” Hough said. “When we would score, the energy and spirit was higher than it had ever been, and it was so much fun to get to be a part of that and to be able to be a part of the jungle.”

Being the mascot allowed Hough to meet many new people and friends, including senior Nathan Hubbard, who met her about a year ago.

“She is extremely outgoing, and she will do whatever it takes to show spirit,” Hubbard said.

Hough enjoys being the mascot because she gets to be as crazy and energetic as she wants without people giving her weird looks, but instead join in with her.

“I love it so much, and it is one of the best experiences I’ve had in high school,” Hough said. “You meet so many amazing people and get to be a part of something that is fantastic. It would definitely get shy people out of their shells as well. It got me out of mine.”

Senior Jonahs Habeck and Hough have known each other since eighth grade, but have recently become friends when she joined student council earlier this year.  

“Samantha is really fun, and she is always willing to attend a variety of events,” Habeck said. “Samantha has a really caring heart, and she always looks out for others before herself.”

To become the mascot for next year, students can contact Christian Welborn.