Roman Beames: Minecraft God

Over fall break, sophomore Roman Beames was very busy playing Minecraft, a game where you can build and create anything you want with blocks. Over the last years he has built all of bikini bottom, including all the central characters’ houses, The Krusty Krab, and more. Most recently, Beames built our own school’s football stadium. 

After the school shared Beames recreations on social media, students were in awe.

“I thought it was amazing, and I was in awe,” junior Shane Romanello, commonly known as Shane The Train, said. “The piece evoked amazing emotions,” Shane The Train said. “A dude actually built that.”

When sophomore Simon Riggs was questioned about the emotions he felt about the piece, he said, “Why?”

eSports sponsor Tyler Utt was also impressed with the talent this recreation shows.

“It’s creative mode and the creativity really shines through- this must have been very time-consuming,” Utt said. “It’s so detailed I didn’t even realize it was Minecraft at first.”

Beames himself had some things to say about the game and his masterful work.

“I don’t remember why I started,” Beames said. “I started playing when I was eight, probably because I thought SkyDocsMinecraft was cool.” 

It all makes sense now. He learned from a master. 

“The stadium took me two days off on and off building,” Beames said. “As long as I enjoy building and as long as other people like seeing the things I make, I’ll keep building.” 

So don’t worry folks, there’s still more to come.

“I’d like to see The Star Court Mall from Stranger Things next,” Riggs said.

It seems that nobody can get enough.

“I’d like to see the whole school,” Shane The Train said.

Giddy up Beames, you have a challenge ahead of you. 

If you want to see Beames’ work, you can go to Instagram @brokenarrowyearbook and see their post about it.