Rock the Vote: Voting for Student Council and Board Officers


Elections for the Student Council and Board Officers will take place on April 19. These votes are for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year officers. The student body will be responsible for voting for their grade level representatives in both STUCO and Board.

Student Council is in charge of planning various activities that take place in the school. These include Aloha Bash, Leadership Retreat, Homecoming, Boot Scoot, Sadie Hawkins, Smile Week, and Springfest. They not only plan all of these events, but are in charge of promoting, setting up and tearing down all these events.

Senior Student Council President, Macey Morgan, enjoyed being able to help aid the school while being with her best friends in the process. In stepping down as President and handing the position to someone else, she has some qualities she believes that are needed in a good President.

“The qualities of a good president, whether it be STUCO or Board is that they need to be school spirited, organized and determined,” Morgan said.

Each grade level has a board of it’s own, including Sophomore Board, Junior Board, and Senior Board. Upcoming juniors will vote for junior officers and upcoming seniors for senior officers. Juniors will be voting for people they trust to plan Prom and seniors whom they trust to plan their graduation.

Junior Trinity Looney is currently on Junior Board, and she has assisted in planning the prom theme, fundraiser and prom itself. She loves being a part of the student body and believes that the board had a very successful year.

“People should vote for their board officers because it’s important to have a say in your class officers because it’s your year,” Looney said.

During the week of elections, candidates are permitted to advertise on campus with posters. Each poster is personalized to the individual who created it for their campaign.

On Election Day, there will be some people running who give out candy, buttons and all sorts of items to help their campaign. This is the only day they’re allowed to hand out things to students.

Junior Makaylynn Barrington is a current Junior Board Officer and is also on Student Council. She is running for Senior Board and Student Council Service Officer. She encourages all students to vote for their grade level officers.
“During election week you can expect some friendly competition,” Barrington said, “Lots of posters and flyers will be everywhere, and lots of trinkets will be handed out.”

To vote for Student Council and Board Officers, log into Canvas on April 19 and vote for only your grade level officers. All votes not from the grade level will not be counted.