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Rhythm and Mystique prepare for Heart of America

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The Heart of America competition is quickly approaching. Both of the BAHS show choirs will be headed to Kansas City on Friday, Feb. 17, and will compete on Saturday, Feb. 18. Tiger Rhythm will compete in the championship division. If they score high enough they will go on to compete in finals. Tiger Mystique will compete in the unisex and open division. Unisex groups don’t make finals at this particular competition, but whoever gets the highest score in this division will go on to do an exhibition performance before finals.

Sophomore Brittney Schaefer is in Tiger Mystique. To prepare for competitions, Schaefer spends long hours in rehearsals cleaning choreography. Occasionally both choirs will meet with their choreographer, Ben Eklund, or other clinicians to help them clean up their show or add things to make them better.

“I am most excited to spend time with the people who are close to my heart,” Schaeffer said. “I love competing with these people, they make my day better every single day.”

Tiger Rhythm and Tiger Mystique are under the direction of Justin Rosser and Jeremy Stevens. Rosser picks what competitions they will attend based on the quality of the competitions from years past and who typically attends them. Rosser’s goal is for his students will look at their own progress each day and perform at a higher level the next. Continual progression and and self-evaluation is the goal for him.

“Watching my students grow as performers and become better people in the process are the most rewarding aspects of any competition,” Rosser said.

Rosser chose to bring his choirs to Heart of America because it’s a national level competition. He knows his students will learn a lot from this competition, regardless of how they place.

Sophomore Michael Koropp is a tenor two in Tiger Rhythm. Before competitions, Koropp has deep conversations with Rhythm about why they do what they do. They also get together in a circle and sing their ballad, “Sunday” by Stephen Sondheim, so that they can really connect emotionally through the music.

“I’m most excited to compete against Jenks, they’re the only other choir from Oklahoma that will be there,” Koropp said.

This is Koropp’s third year in show choir. He plans to continue it through his senior year.

Tiger Rhythm will perform at 12:30 p.m. Tiger Mystique will perform at 4 p.m. Those interested on following along with how they are doing can follow @BAshowchoirs on twitter for updates.

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Rhythm and Mystique prepare for Heart of America