Pride wins in St. Louis

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Pride wins in St. Louis

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On Oct. 16-17 the Pride attended Super Regional in St. Louis. They won every award that was possible, including first place.

In preliminary performance 62 bands from all over the country came to compete for a spot in finals. Bixby and Union also attended this event and only 14 bands advanced to finals, including Broken Arrow.

The awards ceremony after the preliminary performances was for the class caption awards, including overall music, visual and general effect. Schools are split into classes by how big their school is.

Broken Arrow won all of their classes caption awards and became the 4A class champion.

In finals, Broken Arrow placed first and once again won all the caption awards. The Pride has won this event 10 times and has a 3 year streak.

“Going to a Super Regional helps prepare you for Grand Nationals and gets the newer kids into the flow of competitions and what our end goal of the season is,” senior colorguard member Ashley Turner said.

Going on this trip and attending this event was very beneficial.

“It gets everyone used to playing in a dome and gets everyone pumped for competition season,” junior front ensemble member Blake Jumper said.

Members also had favorite parts of the trip, including the bus ride, watching other bands or performing in general.

“The best part was being able to experience all of our hard work paying off and being able to experience it with friends,” junior clarinet player Mahogany Galloway said.

This St. Louis trip was just the beginning of the Pride’s competition season, but they’re already off to a great start.

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