“Peter Pan” wows audiences with flying, dancing, singing

This video is part one of a two part look at the BAHS Drama production of Peter Pan. Part two will be out soon and have even more interviews and highlights from the last play from JoJo Nichols!

The drama department performed the musical “Peter Pan” to a packed house at the Performing Arts Center April 14-17. The entire cast worked hard to make the spring musical “Peter Pan” come to life.

The show was well-received by many, bringing in rave reviews all over Twitter from many Broken Arrow High School students and parents.

“‘Peter Pan’ was a two-hour action packed adventure with a lot of heart,” senior Maddie Riggin, who played Peter Pan, said.

The cast used a harness and wires to create the illusion of Peter Pan flying. The cast also used other props such as swords, a bubble pipe and giant dog and crocodile costumes.

“Flying was the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” Riggin said. “It was really nerve wracking because I had to focus on a lot of things at once, but I loved it. I’m still not a huge fan of heights, but I trusted my flight team 100% to always put safety first. Also it really helped if I just didn’t look down. Peter Pan was one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever played because we’re total opposites. The character taught me that there is fun in everything we do and to be fearless.”

The cast consisted of around 40 students, including Peter Pan, Wendy and her parents, Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys and many other roles.

“Playing Captain Hook was an absolutely incredible experience. Regardless of the fact that I portrayed the story’s villain, the theme of never growing up definitely resonated with me,” senior Austin Wyatt said. “With graduation right around the corner, I believe this show helped many of us realize how important it is to hold on to our youth.”

The cast also included around 20 kids as the lost boys. The kids had to audition for roles and attend rehearsals with the high school students.

“The kids can be a handful but they are fun to work with,” senior Miranda Shaw, who played the older version of Wendy and an Indian, said.