People of the Jungle: Theme nights inspire students

During every game, the student section shows off their school spirit in the jungle with different themes and activities. 

“Our school is extremely spirited, and it’s so much fun to be in the middle of the hype,” senior Kaylyn Officer said. “Neon night is my favorite theme because I enjoy covering myself in neon things, such as neon glitter and glow sticks. I also enjoyed Halloween night because it was interesting and fun seeing all the different costumes.”

There are multiple student section themes throughout the year. Themes such as Hawaiian night, pink out and multiple more.

“I am looking forward to pink out, but I also enjoy Hawaiian night,” senior Logan Dolan said. “I typically get to the football games around 4:30 or 5 to get a front row spot in the jungle. I choose to support our teams because I enjoy it, and I want everyone to come to support every athletic team.”

The Jungle is a safe place for the student body to cheer on their friends and family but also dance and yell chants to show their school spirit.

“The jungle is a place to show our love and support for our athletes,” senior Karlie Goss said. “Our football players feed off of our energy and it shows how much they appreciate the support. The Jungle is always crowded, so I get by 5 at the latest because I love in the front on the fence.”

The jungle supports Broken Arrow athletic teams, whether it’s an away or home game. There are only six football games left. Be make sure to dress up and participate in the jungle to show school spirit.


Sept. 28 BA vs Norman (Away)  – Tye Dye Night

Oct. 5 BA vs Westmoore (Home) – Pink Out Night

Oct. 12 BA vs Edmond Santa Fe (Away) – Jersey Night

Oct. 18 BA vs Yukon (Away) – Student Selected Night

Oct. 25 BA vs Edmond Memorial (Away) – Student Selected Night

Nov. 1 BA vs Enid (Home) – Christmas Night