Part time jobs are impacting the every day student

Junior Parker Stith enters an order for a table at Goldies Diner.

Kaitlynn Meyer

Junior Parker Stith enters an order for a table at Goldies Diner.

Senior Allison Byrne starts her day at 6 a.m. when she starts getting ready for school. She spends almost 6 hours of her day in a classroom where she takes college classes and electives; which tend to take up some of her after school time as well. After her day at school she either goes to work, dance, or both. She works from 20-30 hours a week and has dance practice three times a week. She still has to have time in her busy schedule to eat, sleep, and do homework, if she has some. Her after school job negatively impacts her life and how she performs at school on the day to day basis.

Most students are involved in either; clubs, sports, or careers. Although school normally takes up about 8 hours a day, students choose to do extracurriculars that may take up even more time. Students also try and juggle homework and social commitments on top of all of that.

“It can be really hard to have time to do homework when you have a job and extracurricular activities, mostly because I work every day and I dance competitively, so I rarely have any extra time to even sit down much less do homework or study,” Byrne said.

Many establishments only hire students that are 16 years or older. Those students are probably in grades between tenth and twelfth. According to College Board, those years for a high schooler are crucial for their future. Their grades and test scores will reflect how they will perform in the future. With that being said, the average student works about 15 to 25 hours a week as well as going to school for about 35 hours a week. Most students that work more than 20 hours start to show a decrease in their success.

“I work about 15 hours a week, and it definitely can be hard to juggle a job and school work, especially if your job is stressful, but I just try to stay organized and do my best to manage my time as best I can,” senior Skyanne Dixon said.

Although having a part time job while still being involved in your school can be hard, many students feel like having a job has its benefits. Managing school work, a social life, and work commitments can help a student learn responsibility and independence. Students will have to learn how to act like an adult at their job and treat people with respect.

“Having a job has helped me a lot with adapting to life after high school, and it has helped me with my skills of caring for kids and working on my communication skills with them and their parents,” senior Macey Morgan said. “It has also helped me feel more grown up with having my own money and trying to budget what I can and cannot buy.”

Some students enjoy having a part time job because they have the freedom to use their money how they wish, learn responsibility, and improve on their time management skills. Although part time jobs can help students with responsibility, it makes going to school every day very hard. Maintaining school, extra curriculars, a social life, and a part time job on top of that will affect a student and how they perform in the classroom.