NHS is beneficial to students


Students who are involved in NHS attend meetings, do service projects and are required to complete 30 hours of community service each school year. Students volunteer for local and nationwide organizations including elementary and middle school events around the district.

Some organizations that students volunteer for include Habitat for Humanity, the Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, BA school fairs, carnivals, STEM nights, literacy nights, fall festivals and more.

Co-sponsor, Cynthia Wilson, has been a part of NHS for five years.

“The main focus of the National Honor Society is to create a well-rounded student, one with high academic achievements but with an emphasis on community service,” Wilson said. “What sets NHS members apart is the community service. Colleges and universities love to see applicants who are highly involved in the community. It shows a sense of service before self while still maintaining excellent grades.”

Co-sponsor, Jill Taylor, was a member of NHS in high school and has been a sponsor for 4 years.

“This is a national organization and is highly respected by colleges and scholarship committees,” Taylor said.

Officer Brenna Humphrey was in NJHS in middle school and was inducted in NHS as a sophomore in high school. As an officer, she puts the meetings together, makes decisions about events for NHS, and helps get the volunteer opportunities out in the open.

“During my sophomore year I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, and that was by far my favorite thing,” Humphrey said. “I got to help build a home for someone which could change their lives. Others should get involved because NHS makes a huge difference in others lives.”

Chris Pollard, who serves as the group’s president, establishes a good environment at each event they host and helps by distributing work among volunteers.

“I joined NHS to get connected to others who could help me maximize my academic potential and have a reliable outlet for community service,” Pollard said. “My favorite thing that I have done for NHS is the annual fall festival and the induction ceremony.”

To be a part of NHS, students must keep a GPA of 3.5, and they will be sent an invitation in January to join.