New Tiger Basketball team prepares for upcoming season

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New Tiger Basketball team prepares for upcoming season

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As the new basketball season is coming up quick for the Tigers, coaches and players are readying themselves. Head coach for the varsity basketball team, Coach Beau Wallace, is prepared to help the team start off strong in the new season. With only one returning player from the team last year, Coach Wallace is working to get the team ready for the year.

“The biggest thing this year is for our young team to get better each day,” Wallace said. “We want to be the team that does all the little things that help win a big game.”

Senior basketball player Logan Dolan has high expectations for himself and the rest of his team this season, although he is the only returning player on the basketball team this year, which has put him in the role of team leader on the basketball team.

“My goal for myself and my team this season is to win twenty games and make it back to the state tournament,” Dolan said. “Being connected and on and off the court is going to help us work together as a team to win.”

Sophomore Ian Golden is one of the new players joining the Tiger basketball team this upcoming season. Preparing for the season has been the main focus of the new players on the team, and working hard has been a part of that preparation. Many players have been spending extra time in the gym after practice to get better.

“My goals for this season are to get closer as a team and win games,” Golden said. “We’ve been preparing by getting shots up after practice and watching film to learn what we need to know before the start of the season.”

The first game of the new basketball season will be on Dec. 4 in the Tiger Fieldhouse.

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