Mock Trial team prepares for new season


The Mock Trial season is right around the corner, with their practice season in full swing. The team had their very first scrimmage match of the year on Jan. 10 and had a successful start and a great start to their season. At their first scrimmage of the year, they had an unscored match. Unlike their competition season, where every role has an opportunity to win up to ten points.

Chris Nulf has been the coach of Mock Trial for several years, with the team previously placing at state several times with under his guidance. Coach Nulf is known for his sportsmanship and teaching his team this. Last year he was given the “Beverly Ferree- Kathy Kelly Coaches Award” at the Chappelle Cup/MLK 2018 Scrimmage, which is an award made for coaches who show excellent sportsmanship. Coach Nulf shows this while talking about the team’s first scrimmage.

“If that match would have been scored our team would have won one and lost one,” Nulf said.  

Winning the Plaintiff and losing the Defense, the season is starting better than they had expected, especially for receiving the case about 2 weeks late.

Captain of the team, Kennedy Harris, is only a sophomore and on her second year of Mock Trial. She works hard and diligently to keep her team on task and is preparing them for this season.

“I’m personally excited to show the hard work the team put into the case in court this year,” Harris said.

While the team works hard on their case, they’ve also made strong connections and bonds with each other.

“We call ourselves a family because that is how we treat each other, and this includes the value of a safe place, people who are understanding and just a helpful environment in general,” Harris said.

With their competition season starting officially on Jan. 31, everyone is just as excited as they are confident for this upcoming season.

“You can expect to hear ‘BA Mock Trial has finally made it to state everyone!’ on the morning announcements,” junior member Josh Christian said.

Going into their season in full confidence, we will be hearing a lot more about mock trial this year than previous years.

For those who are curious about Mock Trial and want to see the team perform, the Parents night, for friends, family, peers and those interested will take place on Apr. 26 at the Broken Arrow PAC. The time will be released later this year. The Mock Trial team also has an Instagram @bahsmocktrial.