Mary Collins set records this softball season

Over the past four years, senior Mary Collins has become a slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball star, full of credentials and honors. Collins has been an integral part to Broken Arrow’s softball program, leading the way to a slow-pitch state championship in 2015 and a runner-up state finish in fast-pitch the same season.

“Mary led our team in almost every offensive category,” Head Coach Randall King said. “Mary is a joy to coach, because of her love for the game of softball. She is a tremendous athlete, but also realizes that you have to have a love for the game to be successful at it.”

Collins has been playing softball for 14 years. She starting playing softball because her older sister played and she wanted to be like her.

“When I am on the field I feel like I am on top of the world, and my happiest memories are from playing softball,” Collins said.  

Infielder and four-year starter McKenzie Carney has been a teammate of Collins for 5 years.    “I’ve been playing with Mary for the past five years and every year our bond grows stronger,” Carney said. “She is a very aggressive player and a great leader.”

Collins has received many honors and rewards for softball. She recently received the Michelle Smith Outstanding Athlete Award at the Warren Spahn Gala in Oklahoma City.

“It has been great to receive such honors,” Collins said. “It gives me more confidence in myself to be able to achieve more of my goals.”

Collins has a school record of 92 RBI, 14 doubles, 10 triples, and 10 home runs. She also has 18 wins and 3 losses on the mound.

“When I start my college career my expectations are to work hard on and off the field so I can get a chance to play,” Collins said. “I don’t expect to just go to college with a spot ready for me, I expect to have to work for one.”

Collins committed to Oklahoma State University in October of her sophomore year. Committing to a major university so early in her high school career proves the talent level and work ethic that she has had since she started playing.  

“I am excited to see her go to a school where she can study what she wants to, and athletically she has a chance to play for a program that is on the rise nationally,” Coach King said. “Hopefully she will have the chance to play in the College World Series one of these days.”