Many students scooted their boots at the annual boot scoot

The annual country themed dance took place on Nov. 19 in the Auxiliary Gym. Students were encouraged to dress in country attire and cowboy boots. Many students came dressed to impress in their plaid, jean skirts, and cowboy hats. The event included dancing, bull riding, and s’more making.

Senior Jacob Ciro, who decided to attend already liked country music and the country atmosphere he was expecting.

“The atmosphere is so laid back and one of the more relaxed events that I always look forward to every year,” Ciro said.

The Boot Scoot dance included three rides; a mechanical bull, a balancing inflatable, and a rope swing. Senior Jungle Squad Member, Evan Hewitt enjoyed a couple of these activities.

“My favorite thing about boot scoot was riding the bull. It helped me tap into my southern roots and revive my passion for bull riding,” Hewitt said.

The country themed dance included many country songs and dances to go along with it. Junior Hannah Hoffman participated in her favorite dance and learned many more.

“My favorite song they played was footloose because that was the funnest dance, but all the other songs were good too because country music is my favorite kind of music,” Hoffman said.

Overall many students enjoy Boot Scoot the most because of the atmosphere and the activities that are included during the event.

“I love the overall event of Boot Scoot, but I feel like most people underestimate it. It is an amazing place to goof off, have food, and act like a country boy with your friends,” Ciro said.

Boot Scoot happens every year during fall and many students have a great time. It is very different from any other dance the leadership class puts on. If you missed out this year, there is always next year to attend, so get your boots ready to dance the night away.