Lights up on the talent of Tiger students


Aylin Facundo

Sophomore Emma Cornell sings "Toxic" by Britney Spears in the talent show.

On Tuesday, Sept 13, 29 students took the stage at the Broken Arrow performing arts center to showcase their special talent in front of the school. The event was a fundraiser for our drama department and was hosted by the theater production students. For one dollar attendees could vote for their favorite act.

Junior Addyson Nowell loves to sing, she is in Tiger Mystique show choir. For the show she decided on singing “Love in the Dark” by Adele. She was excited to audition and participate in the talent show because she loves singing for others. Aside from the excitement of her own performance, she also enjoyed seeing the other acts.

“My favorite act was Gabe Jones’ dancing,” Nowell said.

She hopes to pursue music after high school.

One host of the night was senior Torri Jordan. She stood on the stage with fellow theater production student, senior, Lauren Young. The duo told jokes and announced the acts of the night, as well as presented the audience favorites, senior Noah Osborne and sophomore Rachel Osborne, with their prize.

“My favorite act of the night was Olivia Woodrich’s pointe routine to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from “Hairspray,” Jordan said.

Jordan was thrilled to be a host and enjoyed her time announcing the acts.

Senior Chloe Lawrence attended the talent show. She was most excited to see sophomore Emma Cornell and senior Connor Blakely perform “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

“Emma and Connor were my favorites because they performed with their whole hearts and it really moved me,” Lawrence said.

She enjoyed supporting her fellow choir students who were performing as she truly loves what people can do and the impact it can have on others.

The drama department decided to put together a slideshow of toddler pictures of all the performers as well as the theater production students. The slideshow played before the talent show and as the votes for the favorite act were counted.

“We decided the toddler pictures would be a good way to fill time,” Jordan said, “but it also allowed people to see who was in the talent show.”

The money raised from the talent show will help the drama department get the appropriate sets, costumes, makeup, and traveling equipment.


Cast list:

Erica Baker

Jace Belknap

Connor Blakely and Emma Cornell

Jacob Bosch and Trenton Smotherman

Adriana Fonseca and Olivia Serra

Jada Holliday

Gabriel Jones

Ginger Kaseman

Sam Locicero

Taylor Malonson

Renee Martin

Chyna Mayer

Brianna McGhee

Chloe Neufeld

Namera Newaz

Addyson Nowell

Noah and Rachel Osborne

Kendall and Emory Parris

Caleb Ricketts

Noah Schatz

Hailey Scott

Emily Tucker

Olivia Watkins

Olivia Woodrich

Ms.McCall’s Dance Troupe