Leadership retreat promotes positivity

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The third annual Leadership Retreat was held at Dry Gulch USA on Oct. 1-2. Over 200 students attended as well as around 25 teachers.

“The experience inspired all of us to want to change our lives and everyone else’s,” senior Andra Fauvell said. “It made us want to have a more positive school and life outside of school.”

Throughout the retreat, students participated in many team building and trust activities. Some of these activities include icebreaker games, meeting new people, bonfires, and a trust building activity called “Cross the Line,” during which students were asked to respond to different questions or instances in one of three ways: choosing not to answer, standing in place, or crossing the line. As the activity went on, these questions or instances got deeper and more intimate, urging students to open up to fellow classmates.

“The icebreaker games helped bring me out of my comfort zone and get to know upperclassmen that I had never met before,” sophomore Madison Foster said.

During the retreat, many new friendships were made and previously established friendships were made stronger. Some of the games focused on students digging deeper into themselves and opening up to people they haven’t before by sharing information about themselves that they normally wouldn’t share with others.

“I had an amazing experience at the retreat by getting to know so many different people and hearing their life stories,” junior Cole Gillean said.  “I also learned so much about people I thought I already knew pretty well.”

A bonfire was held Saturday night and lasted around two hours. At the bonfire, seniors were encouraged to stand up and share their wish or hopes for the underclassmen and the future of Broken Arrow High School.

“My message at the bonfire was to the underclassmen. I told them to live it up and enjoy everything high school has to offer,” senior Isaac Bullen said. “I mentioned that this year is a bunch of firsts and lasts for myself and I would do anything to have an extra year or two to enjoy some of the best times of my life.”

The goal of the retreat was to promote a positive environment while bringing students closer together, and reinforcing the importance of community on campus.

Students interested in attending the retreat next year can visit the Student Union desk for more information.

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