Jordan Betts chases her art dreams

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Jordan Betts chases her art dreams

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Senior Jordan Betts loves to create art and has been drawing since she was three years old. She creates art graphically and digitally using Photoshop. Her favorite things to make in Photoshop are recreations of paintings from the Renaissance. She also draws, paints, films and edits videos, and does photography.

Betts’s friends are supportive of her work. Junior Kamaya Cowan, who has been friends with Betts since middle school, enjoys her work and how it is portrayed.

“She’s inspired me by taking a big step forward by transferring her artwork onto clothing and distributing it. That was a big risk, but she decided to take it anyway and it paid off,” Cowan said.

Another one of Betts’s friends, senior Gabbie Carrico, believes Betts’s work is unique, creative and different, as well as abstract.

“Jordan continues to make art, even when she seems or feels unmotivated,” Carrico said. “She always keeps a positive mindset and pushes through to get done what she wants to be finished.”
Recently, Betts has been focusing more of her time on becoming a video director and learning the basics of filming and shooting.

A few people Betts looks up to are Marcos Alvarado, Jean- Michel- Basquiat, and Brent Faiyaz. She gets inspiration from music, anime, butterflies and comic books. She also is inluenced by WWE, her brother, and cartoons.

“My favorite cartoons to get inspriation from are Dragon Ball Z, and Samurai Champloo,” Betts said.

“I have well over 100 comic books, but I don’t read them, I look at the pictures,” Betts said. “Music also plays a huge role in my inspiration, I love Pink Floyd, listening to instrumentals, and the White Stripes. Butterflies also play a huge role in my artwork. Butterflies evolve into greater and beautiful things from caterpillars, and like them I wish to evolve into something greater, and I like showing that through my artwork.”

Betts describes her artwork as edgy mixed with notebook scribbles.

“My favorite part about designing artwork is not knowing what I’m going to come up with,” Betts said. “I definitely never know what I’m going to create.”

Betts doesn’t only put her art on canvas and the computer, she also draws on shoes, such as Vans.

“I started drawing on Vans my sophomore year, and I remember one time I drew an angel that represented someone’s sister who passed away,” Betts said. “I never met the person I drew them for, but recently I met him at the mall and he thanked me with a big smile on his face.”

In the future, Betts plans to follow her dreams by working for herself, and Adult Swim. She wants to pursue a career that includes her artwork, photography and videography, and bettering her clothing line, “Dangerous Youth.”

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