Join Drama Club


Drama Club gives students with similar interests in acting a place to improve their skills, as well as create bonds with other members. Students in Drama Club can audition for plays and perform many times throughout the school year.

“Drama Club is a place where kids with interests in acting can come together to gain more knowledge about acting,” Julian Valles said. “We do short acting scenes and play improv games to practice for when we have a big performance.”

Senior Sawyer Dickinson enjoys being in Drama Club with all of the other students who are in the club. She has made many new friends and relationships with other people who love doing the same things she is interested in. Sawyer recommends students who want to meet new people who are interested in acting to join the club, and also to gain skill and confidence through the club.

“My favorite part about Drama Cub is the community, and we truly became a family unit who all love working together,” Dickinson said. “Students should join Drama Club to use a creative environment to meet new like-minded people, hone their acting skills, or even to learn self-confidence strategies.”

Senior Dakota Brabec highlights how he has made acquaintances with other actors through Drama Club, and how he gets to spend lots of time around the people who want to better themselves and each other.

“Drama Club is a great way to get to meet new people,” Brabec said. “I love getting to hang out with my friends and getting to know others who want to improve their own acting skills, as well as help everyone else who is in the club with them.”

For more information on how to join, email Mrs. Ellis at , or visit her in the Black Box during the school day.