Join CEP


The Career Exploration Program (CEP) was created to help each student get more experienced in the field that they plan to go into. This organization gives each student an overview of the career area they choose along with extra information about that field. CEP gives students extra knowledge about the business world and helps them further their academic interests.

This organization also helps students interests and goals and improves written and oral communication skills as well as expanding each students knowledge and duties of the field they are interested in.

“Students should apply for CEP because internships strengthen opportunities for college admissions, scholarships, and employment,” Carr said. “Greater self-confidence and maturity is built when students are treated as adults and given adult responsibilities. Their independence is also highly increased.”

Senior Malik Althouse interns at Air Hygiene by filing data and doing little jobs to help around.

“People at my internship are really nice and are fun to work with,” Althouse said. “I do plan on interning in the future because I am going to OSU for Architectural Engineering and will most likely intern with other Engineers.”

Senior Jacob Ciro interns at the First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow by helping out people in the office, learning the behind the scenes of the church, and serving at local places such as Oakcrest elementary.

“I love my internship because we go to Oakcrest and volunteer which is my favorite part about it,” Ciro said. “We lead an organization called kids for Christ where I get to help lead in games, teach some lessons, and build amazing relationships with local elementary students. I will be interning in the future because it helps to show if what you are interning for is something you want to do and are passionate for in life.”

To apply for CEP students can pick up an application in the College and Career Office in main 124 from Mrs. Carr.