Jasmine Marble excels at art

Junior Jasmine Marble poses with her clay piece.

Junior Jasmine Marble poses with her clay piece.

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Junior Jasmine Marble is most well known for being a band kid, participating in the Wind Ensemble and the Pride of Broken Arrow. Most people, however, don’t know that she is also an artist.

Being in the Pride of Broken Arrow doesn’t allow much time for Marble to work on art outside of school, so she takes art as an elective during the school day.

Marble has been taking art classes since the 7th grade, and is currently in ceramics and sculpting.

“I really enjoy unconventional expression,” Marble said. “You can convey anything that you want in any way that you want and I admire that. There is no right way or wrong way with art.”

Because of her love of art, Jasmine plans on pursuing an art career in graphic design and animation.

“I want to pursue art because it never grows old, and there are no boundaries or limits to what you can do,” Marble said. “I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to turn mere ideas into unique creations.”

Although she doesn’t talk about her art very much, Marble’s talent does not go unnoticed, and her friends see what a fantastic artist she is.

“Jasmine Marble is not only my best friend but one incredibly talented artist,” junior Victoria Colon Estrada said. “I fully believe she is capable of anything she puts her heart and mind to. There isn’t a certain genre of art she is good at because she is unbelievably superb at everything.”

Marble’s teachers can also see the potential and talent within her.

“Jasmine’s art not only shows how talented she is, but also how versatile,” art teacher Brett Gray said. “Whether it is clay, drawing in pencil, charcoal, pen ink, it doesn’t matter. She always impresses.”

If you want to see more, look for Marble’s art throughout the year in the glass display cases in the art gallery.

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