Jacob Temple argues his way to the top


Mock Trial poses for a photo after participating in a contest.

Learning aspects of the legal system and gaining experience as a lawyer are not things every student acquires during their high school career, but senior Jacob Temple has done all of these things with his experiences on the Mock Trial team. This will be his third year on the team, and he’s already looking forward to learning more.  

“My favorite part of Mock Trial is that we argue our cases in real courtrooms and in front of real judges,” Temple said. “It adds an extra layer of pressure but that is part of what makes Mock Trial fun.”

Mock Trial not only prepares the team for trial, but it also teaches things the students might need in real life. For Temple, the biggest thing it has taught him is how to speak publicly without being nervous.

“The team has taught me how to effectively present my thoughts in a clear and concise manner without sounding nervous,” Temple said. “Mock Trial has not only made me a better public speaker, but it has also taught me how to better work collaboratively with the rest of the team.”

Other than Mock Trial, Temple is also in orchestra, the Youth Tulsa Symphony, and the academic team.

“Jacob is always full of energy and always has a smile on his face,” coach Chris Nulf said. “The attorneys who score us always love his courtroom presence.”

Junior Kiegan Ryan has been friends with Temple for 3 years. They met through orchestra and are now on the Academic Team together.

“Jacob enjoys arguing, whether he is wrong or right,” Ryan said. “It shows his passion and his ability to argue effectively.

Nulf has been the Mock Trial coach for 12 years now. The Mock Trial team has achieved being in the top 10 at the state competition for the past 10 years.

“We have brought home nine years of trophies, making BA one of the most consistently winning teams in the state,” Nulf said. “In court, he is smooth in asking questions, responding to objections and making arguments.”

During Temple’s first year on the team, the attorney judges chose him as the best lawyer on the defense.

“This year he has taken a step up and exhibited maturity and leadership, helping the new members learn trial skills, mentoring them and will be a great asset again,” Nulf said.

Temple does not have a career plan in place but wants to attend the University of Tulsa.