Homecoming dance is a success

Sophomore Gabriel Jones dances in the middle of the floor at Homecoming.

Lorance Washington

Sophomore Gabriel Jones dances in the middle of the floor at Homecoming.

Saturday, Sept. 24 around 1500 students showed up to the high school campus for the annual homecoming dance. The dance was held in the main building, and the theme of the dance was “All Around the World.”

“Over the summer we decided the theme, chose a venue and found a DJ, then we decided on what food to have, to have animals or not and what the decorations would look like,” senior Johna Pulliam. “I just thought that high school kids loved animals and it kind of tied to the theme.”

The dance was planned out months in advance by the activities director Jason Jedamski, applied leadership teacher Whitney Nolen, the student union secretary Amy Stecker, English teacher and Student Council teacher Diana Phillips and the whole STUCO class.

“The student’s effort and hard work was inspiring. They worked for weeks on decorations, worked all day putting them up and stayed late taking them down,” Phillips said. “Johna Pulliam’s vision for the dance was extraordinary and my favorite part of the dance was seeing it come to life.”

The dance had a DJ, an ice sculpture, catering from Ted’s, and exotic animals, provided by Extreme Animals, such as a lemur, a baby kangaroo named Kanye West, a baby crocodile, a hedgehog, a tarantula, a bearded dragon, a fox, a turtle, and a couple snakes.

“My favorite part of the dance was getting to hold some of the animals,” sophomore Hadley Giager said. “I loved them because they were soft and cute.”

Despite a couple small interruptions, the dance went off without a hitch and at the end of the night district video manager Greg Spencer announced that they were going to film a portion of the lip dub at the dance. Pulliam was all in all happy with the way the dance turned out.