Gabe Jones dances his way to victory


Senior Gabe Jones has been a part of Tiger Rhythm show choir since sophomore year. For the past five years, Jones has been fully committed to the show choir community.

“We’re one big family,” Jones said. “I remember in seventh grade when I first saw Tiger Rhythm perform. I was already inspired by Michael Jackson and Chris Brown to pursue my passion of dance but when I saw them perform, I knew I had found my place. The feeling I get when I’m on stage is awesome.”

Jones commits a majority of his personal life to dance. Having practice every morning at 6:45, Jones knows the difficulties of balancing school, work, and show choir on a daily basis.

Senior Delani Turcy has known Gabe for thirteen years but has only participated in show choir together for the last four years. Turcy and Jones are close friends and are constantly with one another during show choir competitions.

“Gabe is a really good asset to the team because he is good at hyping us up,” Turcy said. “It’s such a joy going on trips with Gabe and the rest of my show choir family because we create good memories. Gabe is so incredibly generous, kind, funny, and just incredibly good at what he does.”

At show choir’s most recent competition in held at Ankeny Centennial High School in Iowa, Jones was awarded the “Most Outstanding Performance” award because of his onstage presence. The award consisted of a scholarship to worth five thousand dollars for every semester of college.

“I felt really blessed when I won this award,” Jones said. “I was super grateful and happy when my teammates cheered me on once my name was announced.”

Senior Andrew Sisney is also good friends with Jones. Sisney and Jones have known one another since the sixth grade and have been a part of Tiger Rhythm for three years.

“I think Gabe won the Outstanding Performance Award because he is an amazing performer,” Sisney said. “He shows emotion in everything he does. He’s incredibly passionate about not only his performance but also this group. He’s entirely committed.”

For the past three years, Jones has committed his time to being a leader within Tiger Rhythm.

There are several opportunities to see Jones and the rest of Tiger Rhythm perform at their upcoming performance at the Lincoln East Show Choir Spectacular in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you can’t travel that far, be sure to mark your calendar for the Broken Arrow Public Schools Show Choir Spectacular held on March 2.