Eight days of fall plays


Austin Wyatt

Juniors Chyna Mayer and Caleb Ricketts run lines while teacher JoJo Nichols listens.

Broken Arrow Drama Department’s fall play is going to be a little different this year. First and foremost, there are two of them. Both plays will be cast, memorized and rehearsed at the same time and performed during the same week. Another new aspect will be the venue for the performances. Both shows will be performed at the high school in the black box theater.

“The biggest challenge of being in two plays will be switching between two characters so quickly,” junior Chris Delano said.

The two fall plays are called “The Importance of Being Earnest” and “Bury the Dead.” One is a British high comedy, and the other is a dark and gritty expressionist drama set in the early 1900’s. “The Importance of Being Earnest” is about two men who are willing to change their names, pretend to be imaginary siblings and deceive anyone they can to get the girls of their dreams. “Bury the Dead” is about a World War I military burial detail that is digging a mass grave when the corpses start standing up and refusing to be buried.

“I’m most excited for presenting two drastically different stories and messages to the audiences,” director and drama teacher JoJo Nichols said.

Changing between two drastically different shows and switching between unique characters and situations over and over again is bound to put a weight on most of the cast and crew’s shoulders. Members of the drama department are rehearsing, memorizing and developing two shows at once, and the majority of them are staying very optimistic about the packed schedules for the next eight weeks.

“I’ve never been in two plays at the same time, so this is new to me. Regardless, I am excited for the chaos,” cast member and senior Miranda Shaw said.

The plays are running November 16-23 in the black box theater on campus.