Disney Plus > Netflix, Here’s Why


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Disney Plus is Disney’s new subscription streaming service.

As we enter the 2020’s, online movie/TV Subscriptions will dominate most houses. With the rise of Netflix, YouTubeTV, and Hulu (which has live TV), one company is trying to cash in on the new wave. Disney Plus. Disney is often poked at for a large amount of power in the entertainment industry, and have only expanded upon that recently by buying Fox, most known for their movies, and iconic, 30 year-old adult cartoon, “The Simpsons.”

Releasing Nov. 12, 2019, Disney Plus will be dropping new episodes of shows and movies week by week, rather than all at once, like Netflix. While the week by week structure may resemble cable, some wish they would have just followed the Netflix template. When you think about it, who would want all the D+ episodes thrown at their face at once. No one is going to leave their houses.

If there’s two big markets at the moment, It’s the nostalgia market and the Marvel fan market.

Marvel fans have really come alive in the past few years (try to find someone who isn’t one), and not just in meme culture. “Avengers: Endgame” is the highest grossing movie in history, so if Disney can have even a fraction of that success with their brand new Marvel shows, you can see this as an absolute win for them.

One thing that will always bring in the dough is the nostalgia market, more specifically, old franchises. You’ve probably witnessed the millions of 90s and more recently the 2000s kids run around Youtube and Twitter talking about their love for their childhood and whatnot. Disney is already prepared for this with two brand new shows from old Disney Channel properties: “High School Musical: The Musical,” and a continuation of Lizzie McGuire.

100 people around BA were asked about Disney Plus. Here are the results:

  • Roughly 38% a hundred students in BA say they’ve heard of Disney Plus, and 62% say they have not 

When the students were asked what would make them subscribe to Disney Plus, the results were:

  • 69% would sub for Disney Channel Shows and Movies
  • 62% would subscribe for Classic Disney Movies
  • 51%  would subscribe for Marvel Movies
  • 49% would subscribe for Brand New Disney Movies
  • 43% would subscribe for Fox Shows and Movies (like the Simpsons and Home Alone)
  • 23% would subscribe for Star Wars Shows and Movies
  • A Whopping 5% would sub for Muppets Shows and Movies
  • 5% don’t care, saying None of the Above..

Now, obviously Disney’s ultimate rival will be Netflix. When I asked if students believed Disney Plus could compete with Netflix:

  • 65% Say Yes
  • 27% Say No
  • 8% Didn’t Answer

Walt Disney was once quoted as saying, “I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things.” Yet in the year 2019, Disney is cranking out remake after remake. The media, especially video essay YouTubers, do not seem to be a fan of the remakes, but the box office will tell you otherwise with the success of “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” remakes going over the billion marks in box office sales. Fortunately, Disney is showing signs of life with some original programming, for once in a very long time. 

This year we’ll see original movies like the Christmas movie “Noelle” and “Stargirl.” This should make Disney’s live action remake phase a bit more bearable, considering they now have a platform where they can release tons of new and creative movies to keep fans from rioting. It’s about time they live up to Walt Disney’s practices and philosophy.

Now to the “Here’s Why” of the Story: Can Disney Plus hang with Netflix? They might just out-do them. Netflix is not the Spotify of TV, which means you won’t find almost every show known to man and may end up scrolling for something remotely in your taste. This is where Disney has the upper hand. With hours and hours of shows and movies you already know, you definitely won’t have to scroll around the app for long, and when you’re tired of rewatching…BAM! Brand new programming. 

In conclusion, Disney Plus looks to be giving the fans what they want (which is a good sign, especially in the social media age) and even more. While the subscription services of today can be quite overwhelming, Disney has so much better content than these wannabe services (Looking at you, Prime Video), which is why you have to get subscribed thing DAY 1.