Defensive linemen DeMeco Roland tackles his way to success

Senior DeMeco Roland is one of the captains on the Broken Arrow football team. For the past three years, Roland has worked for the positions he maintains today.

“I think I am in better shape than last year,” Roland said. “I’m also stronger and better than I’ve ever been. I’ve committed my whole life to this team and position. I’m truly thankful for how hard the coaches have pushed me over the past few years.”

Roland is a Defensive Inline Starter for the team. He is currently participating in his third year as a member of the varsity football team. He commits all this free time to become a better captain and player.

Roland and junior Myles Slusher have played together on the field for the past two years on the Broken Arrow varsity football team. Slusher sees Roland not only as a friend but also family. They have only known each other for close to three years, but Slusher truly looks up to him and so do multiple people.

“DeMeco has spent as much time as he can into the game,” Slusher said. “Before the start of 2017, he was committed, but really improved after he saw how much potential he had on the field. He is a leader on and off the field for this team. He’s doing a great job, and I couldn’t be any more proud of him.”

Senior Trace Torix constantly pushes Roland to keep trying during the hardest times. Over the past few years, they have encouraged one another to strive for greatness and nothing less.

“I have known DeMeco since the fifth grade,” Torix said. “All of his time is committed to football. He truly focuses on keeping his body in shape and well for the game. Whether he’s on or off the field, he gives one hundred percent in everything he does. His strength, conditioning and everything has improved in such a short period of time.”

Over the past three years, Roland has spent his free time in the gym and running plays. He has offers from North Texas, the University of Tulsa, Missouri State and many more colleges. As of Aug. 2, Roland has committed to North Texas.